Friday, April 23, 2010

45 pages later

So after 14 hours of working on the senior design report on Wednesday, it ended up being 45 pages long. Plus another 18 page appendix for the User's Manual. I submitted it to our advisor for review on Thursday morning, then she returned it to us today at midnight. Not bad for a professor who has to review these final reports from 4 different senior design teams. Now I just have to make the 30+ changes that she suggested, and format the whole thing again. I hate when charts and graphs make the text chunks really awkward or leave large gaps on the page because Word formats them to overflow onto the next page.

But good news! Our spring T-day is tomorrow, where our football team has a scrimmage game and we fill the stadium with loyal GT Football fans. Our team won't be quite the same without our superstars Dwyer, Demaryius "Bebe" Thomas and Derrick Morgan though... at least 2 of them went in the 1st round NFL draft!


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