Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day of Classes

Today is my last day of classes here at Georgia Tech! I'm really excited to be studying abroad for my last semester. And our graduation party is tonight :)

We had the Women's Recruitment Board annual appreciation dinner banquet on the prestigious 7th floor of the library last night. It was awesome, that place was so classy and it reminded me of the Alumni house with the mahogany walls and plush carpets, plus it had a great view of downtown Atlanta. I'll post some pictures up later, whenever I can get them loaded onto the dinosaur.

I got one of my three cavities fixed this morning. I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, it always makes me really nervous and freak out a little bit when they have to shoot the Novocaine. So now I've got to go back next Thursday to get the other two cavities fixed and there goes another $331 down the drain with the dental expenses.

I'm still waiting on medical clearance from the Peace Corps, I guess its only been like 2 months since I submitted my paperwork and the process can take up to 9 months so I just need to be patient. And I technically wouldn't be leaving for another like 4 months anyways (my departure date is September) so I guess my files won't be prioritized until like July. Its going to be weird if I am abroad when I get an official Invitation, hopefully my parents don't throw out the mail from the Peace Corps -- they usually throw out all of my mail, like when they threw out my ballot in 2008 and when they almost threw out my jury duty summons.


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