Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ukrainian-Style Graduation, Camp at School and Eating Chinese food

My school finished its classes on Thursday May 26th, and I got to see what Ukrainian school graduation ceremonies are like. On Friday May 27, we had a huge ceremony for the graduating seniors in front of the school which is called a "Linneka", or a line. Here are some photos from the graduation day : )

The students line up with their classes from youngest to oldest.
The 8V class.
The graduating 11A and 11B class marched out 2 by 2, dressed in the traditional black and white school uniforms.
The graduating class walked all around.
The graduating seniors performed a few dances.
In Ukraine, the last day of school is traditionally known as the "Last Bell." The tradition is for a pair of the oldest student and the youngest student to walk around the Linneka, while ringing a big old-fashioned bell.

An 11th form and 1st form student walk around, ringing the "last bell".
On Saturday, May 28th, my school had the official "school-leaving party" at the auditorium in our House of Culture. Ukrainians traditionally dress very formally for this party - girls wear nice evening gowns and fancy hairdos and boys wear suits, similar to what Americans would wear to their prom.

The auditorium was decorated and looked very fancy for the party!
After classes at my school finished, we started what is known as "Practika," or a few weeks of practice and final exams for 9th and 11th formers. During these few weeks, I am working with my English teacher's 8V class. My goal for this camp was to teach a series of cultural studies lessons about different countries from around the world and partner it with the World Map project, but I've been having logistical difficulties with figuring out where to find funds for the paint so unfortunately the map will be postponed until the fall.

Our opening day photo.
The student enjoyed games in the school gym.
We threw around an American football outside.
The kids loved football.
The school had a sidewalk chalking contest and several girls from 8V won.
I spent this past weekend in Kyiv to attend the HIV/AIDS and Technology for Development working group meetings. We got a lot of logistics and planning done for Camp HEAL and Camp OHALOW, two of the summer camps that I am working at this summer. I had fun hanging out with the other techies in Peace Corps and going to lunch at a Chinese food place! I miss eating Chinese food :(

The entrance to the restaurant.
My sweet and sour pork.
Nicole got seafood lo mein.
Danny got a big bowl of soup with beef and vegetables.


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