Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break X

Chris and I just got back from an awesome spring break in California! We spent a lot of time going to lots of touristy places like the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco area and driving down to southern california.

Here is a photo of Chris and I getting ready to sail around Alcatraz and the bay. Theres some sea lions on the docks behind us!

We also went to Chinatown, where Chris got some cool souvenirs like a toy ninja sword for his brother and a traditional Chinese hat for his dad. And of course we also went to the Chinese Consulate (twice) so that I could get my visa for the summer.

Then we went to the California Academy of Sciences and saw a very large scale example of a living roof. Too bad my bio living wall project is still in the prototype stage, or they maybe could have used our design to recycle graywater!

We also drove all the way down the coast and stopped at the Santa Monica pier. The boardwalk at Santa Monica is apparently the one from some show on Nickelodeon.

We stopped in Hollywood, where we walked around all the stars and by the famous Chinese theater.

And then we went to the San Diego Zoo and Mission Beach, where I got to see my friend Lizette, we met when she came to the Afox swim camp when we were like 13 and been friends ever since :)


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