Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dental Work

The Peace Corps returned my dental forms, requesting that I get the "recommended treatment" to get my cavities fixed before I can get dental clearance. Wonderful :( I hate going to the dentist, mostly because I had to have so many cavities fixed when I was little. I had something like 14 fillings in my mouth at one time, but luckily most of those were baby teeth. So it sounds like I'll have to shell out another $200 for the dental work.

On a side note, I spoke to my best friend from high school, Himali, last night and she told me that someone else from our old high school went to the Peace Corps. His name is Peter Clark and he just left for the Kyrgyz Republic in March, which is really exciting. I didn't know him that well in high school because he is a year older than Himali and I are, though we had a few AP classes together.


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