Monday, March 15, 2010

The Last of the Shots

Well, hopefully. I got 3 more shots today - tetanus, polio, and H1N1, from a lady in the health center who was super frazzled and hated that I needed all these things from her. Actually, all that I needed was a photocopy of my immunization records, but she refused to do that and instead decided to hand-write out all of my previous shots on a "yellow card". Apparently the yellow card is an official document that you're supposed to keep with you when you travel since some countries will ask you for records of your immunizations at customs. Its used to turn people away from the country if they visit places that have high epidemic rates of contagious and deadly things like yellow fever, H1N1, etc.

I also went to get a pair of glasses today, basically just so the optometrist could fill out my frame measurements on the Peace Corps eyeglasses prescription form. So that pretty much wraps up all of my Peace Corps medical paperwork... now I just need to make copies of everything and send the originals off to the Office of Medical Screening!


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