Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another PC Nominee

I met another Peace Corps nominee from Georgia Tech! Its one of Chris' friends (who is also in the same International Affairs grad program as Chris). His name is Joe and he has also been nominated to teach English, in Central Europe. We're both graduating in August so our programs will probably both be leaving in the fall. And he also has Kyle Jessop as his PC recruiter, which isn't too surprising since I don't think that many recruiters work in the Atlanta regional office. He's from somewhere in south Georgia and has a background in teaching ESL. With his masters degree from Tech, he says that he'll probably be able to teach at the university level. He wants to teach somewhere like Afghanistan, though I have no idea why anyone would want to go there, but the PC no longer has a program there so he doesn't know where he'll end up yet. I think I'm a little bit ahead of him in terms of the application process, because he hasn't received his medical clearance forms yet. I unfortunately had to break the news to him that our on-campus health center won't be able to give him a "Peace Corps physical."

Which reminds me, I still need to schedule an eye doctor appointment to get a copy of my prescription and a women's clinic appointment to try to get some of my medical records. At least I was able to get a travel clinic appointment for immunizations (since I'm studying abroad this summer). Maybe they can just give me the shots for the pacific islands reigon too while they're at it. I hope the shots aren't too expensive, I don't really have money to pay for anything extra like that and the PC only reimburses like $165 for medical clearance.


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