Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I went up to Chapel Hill over the weekend for my last swim meet ever as a member of Georgia Tech Swimming and Diving, and when I got home, I had another envelope from the Peace Corps waiting for me. It was just a folder with a hard copy of my nomination to serve as an English Teacher in the Pacific Islands region, a checklist to keep track of what paperwork etc I still needed to get through, a book of PC short stories (or maybe essays) for inspiration, and there was a page of PC stickers! The stickers have a square version of the PC logo, and just say "Peace Corps" and "Since 1961".

So since our Georgia Tech student Health Center refused to give me the Peace Corps physical examination over the phone, I asked Dr. Galante - the GT Athletic Association's doctor if he could help me out. Dr. G was nice enough to fill out about half of the packet of papers that I've got, and said to make an appointment with him over at the Health Center to finish the rest. So now that I'm done swimming, I should have a little more time to make appointments and see the dentist, women's clinic, and get this paperwork done.


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