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World Map Project

After digging around through my old blog posts, I realized that I never posted about my World Map Project! I participated in a few different World Map projects during my time in Ukraine, and randomly stumbled across this post about a Peace Corps film documentary, with a shout out to the World Map that I worked on with my friend Alison. We painted a patchwork map on wallpaper at her school with her students, and she later hung the map on the wall by mounting it on some type of wooden frame. I also helped out with my friend Sasha's World Map at her school, where we painted just the continents outside on the side wall of the school.

So I think what happened was I got too busy with volunteering at EuroCup 2012, that I didn't have time to write a post about my World Map project... I just uploaded all the photos onto my Facebook page instead. I'm really ashamed that I never posted about my own World Map project here :( but I guess its better late than never!
My World Map, painted directly on the wall in the hallway of the 3rd floor of my school. 
From May 25-30, 2012, my students and I finished up our community HIV/AIDS awareness campaign by painting a World Map as an AIDS memorial mural in our school. This was the last step in the project funded by my PEPFAR (Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief) grant from Peace Corps. I worked with a team of about 15 different students ranging from 5th to 10th grade, and with the help of my PCV friends Erika Hornli and Sam Choi, we painted this map in just 4 days. If you're interested in learning more about the World Map project or painting your own world map, you can download a pdf version of the Peace Corps World Map Manual here.

Day 1

First we measured out the space for the map on the wall. The ideal size that I wanted to have for the map was 1.5 meters by 3 meters, but that didn't quite work out evenly because we had to calculate the exact size based on 6 x 6cm squares. The actual size of our map turned out to be 168cm by 336cm, so that we could have an even number of squares for the map (according to the World Map Manual). We sketched out lines in pencil, taped down the edges with scotch tape, and then painted blue paint for the ocean. Day 1 was actually a Friday, and we let the paint dry and harden completely over the weekend before coming back on Monday.

Starting at the top and working down was best, because otherwise the paint dripped onto the floor. 
Rolling the paint onto the wall. 
Filling up the space for all the water! 
Day 2

We marked off 18 large squares on the wall, each forming a block of 10 by 12 squares. Then we drew in all the squares, making our map 28 by 56 squares. We used the grid method to draw outlines of the countries in pencil, then darkened the outlines with black permanent marker. Originally, I had planned to use the projection method with a projector. However, it didn't work out because the image wasn't detailed enough to trace for such a large map (or the quality of the image was distorted by the projector).
Measuring straight gridlines takes teamwork, even when you have a 2m long ruler. 
I colored all of the map plans ahead of time, so the kids would have a better understanding of which country was which. 
Starting the outlines. 
About halfway done... we've progressed to using the markers. 
Sam single-handedly drew most of Africa by himself. 
with the finished outline of the map after day 2. 
Day 3

Day 3 was everyone's favorite day because we painted the wall! We mixed concentrated colors with white paint in plastic cups, and basically just painted in the colors according to the World Map Manual. At the end of the day, all the kids who helped out with the map got to put their handprint on the wall.

Anya and I mixing the paint. 
Dasha and Erika painting Russia and India. 
About halfway done! 
Katya working hard on Africa. 
Painting the title.
The finished map, after day 3!
Day 4

On the last day, I labeled all of the countries (in English, of course) with a black permanent marker. All of the students came by to sign their handprints, and we painted a clear coat of sealant onto the wall. Then we were done, and everyone got to take photos with the map!

Dasha signing her name on the wall. 
Katya carefully writing her name in English. 
with Anya and Dasha - my 2 rockstar 10th graders and Erika. 
The finished World Map! 
When we returned to school in the fall, I was glad to see that the map was still there... not that I had expected anything to change over the summer. Our school staff had strategically placed some potted plants in front of the map, to deter little kids from running up and touching the wall. Of course, this didn't stop them anyways because they all like to measure their hands and point out different countries. I'm proud of the team of students that I worked with, and I hope that this map will last my school for many years into the future!

The world map on September 1, 2012. 


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