Monday, January 14, 2013

Visiting Apple Headquarters!

About a week ago, my dad took our family to visit Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple has a few offices around the world and this is their international headquarters for their corporate offices. He works there as part of the hardware team as a device physicist/engineer. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to disclose more about exactly what he does there, but he has worked at Apple for a little over a year.
by the sign for Apple's campus - their address is One Infinite Loop :)
See? The street is really named Infinite Loop. 
We signed in at the main building as visitors, and got our nametags. Then we walked to the cafeteria for lunch. Their cafeteria is basically a large school cafeteria that offers a lot of different stuff - fresh salads, pizza, chinese food, sushi, mexican grill, burgers, etc. You basically grab a tray, order whatever you'd like, then pay at the cashier. You can get a great meal for about $10 and all of it is very fresh and made-to-order. They have standard soda fountain dispensers and a few Starbucks Coffee machines. They also offer free apples haha.
The visitor entrance. 
The visitor entrance to the building. 
The Apple cafeteria is packed during lunchtime. 
The salad bar - where they mix your salad to order. 
Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow visitors to go into their labs or offices due to security reasons - just on the grounds and in the cafeteria. So we just wandered around and took a few photos!

The back of the building with the visitor entrance. 
My sister and I.
Apple separates all their trash into compost and recycle as well!
We also walked by the Apple Store. Yes, there is an Apple store on Apple's campus... In addition to the standard Apple electronics and gadgets, they sell a lot of shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, jackets, hats, etc with the Apple logo embroidered or printed on them. I think its mostly for employees and families of employees but I believe the store is technically open to the public.

My favorite Apple shirt: "Siri, remind me to wash this T-shirt."
Apple's decorations in the hallways made me laugh...  "Remind me on May 19th that it is Dad's birthday" - thank goodness for Siri!
In other news, I've officially been home for a month today! Not much has changed... I'm still job searching and hanging out at home :/


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