Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last weekend, I organized a Halloween party in Kharkiv and we had a great turn out of people who came to the party in great costumes! There weren't very many traditional American Halloween costumes like witches, ghosts, m&m's etc but some of the costumes were really original like the Super Mario brothers. I dressed in the traditional costume of an 11th form Ukrainian schoolgirl :)

Excited for Halloween!
Sam (my sitemate) came as a Jabbawockee from America's Next Best Dance Crew.
Mario and Luigi with the Princess!
Where's Waldo?
Pepsi promoter, a cowgirl, a carnival girl and the Statue of Liberty!
With a few other girls from Kharkiv Oblast - a black cat, a Lichtenstein, flapper girl and the Queen of Hearts.
A basketball team from Vinnytsia Oblast.
I miss Starbucks!


Cherry said...

i love Halloween parties!


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