Monday, October 24, 2011

Living Libraries - Version 2.0

Last week, my sitemate Sam and I organized a second round of the Living Libraries at both of our schools. Since we teach at the two different schools in the same town, we had one session of Living Libaries on Thursday at my school and then another session on Friday at Sam's school. We invited 5 Peace Corps Volunteers to come to our town and talk to our students. At my Lyceum, the volunteers met with students from 9th through 11th form.

All the PCVs and some Ukrainian students at Sam's school.
If you don't remember what Living Libraries is, it originally started out as an oral history project and it is now a project sponsored by the Multicultural Working group of Peace Corps Ukraine. The goal of the project is to provide a platform for volunteers to share about their different life experiences and spread diversity throughout Ukraine.

Laura Higgins shares family photos with some 9th form girls.
Brooks Harrison compares American football to Ukrainian soccer with 10th and 11th form boys.
Erika Hornli tells about traveling through Eastern Europe.

Joohee Lee shares about Korean culture with 9th grade boys.

Blakely Neff shows off landscapes from Utah to some 11th form girls.

Linnea Zielinski tells 10th formers about her internship at Glamour fashion magazine.
After Living Libraries at my school, we cooked fajitas in my new apartment. I moved to a 3 bedroom apartment at the beginning of October, and this was the first time that I've had visitors at my place :)

Laura, Liliya Nikolaievna, Sam, me, Erika, Joohee, Blakely and Linnea in my living room.
My friend Alison brought some of her 10th and 11th form students to our Living Libraries project. Her students are organizing a weekend leadership camp over Thanksgiving weekend and they are planning to have their own Living Library as well.

Linnea and I with the girls from Alison's school.
The girls with Joohee, Sam, Alison and Linnea.


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