Saturday, September 4, 2010

I miss all the nerds (everyone) at Georgia Tech

Its the first game day of the 2010 football season, and I wish I was in Atlanta to cheer on the Jackets! I miss being in Atlanta, where most of my friends are. My parents only moved to the bay area 2 years ago so I hardly know anyone here. My high school friends are back in Phoenix and Chapel Hill.

Anyways, a friend of mine shared this on Facebook, and I got quite a few laughs from it so I figured that I would share it here... it reminds me of life at Georgia Tech! I remember being the only girl in my Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering class and all the guys staring at me the first day when I walked into the room. The ratio of male to female students at Tech is still 3:1, with this year's incoming freshman class being 32% women (the highest ever!). But keep in mind that Tech is the #1 producer of female engineers, so all the other technical schools are worse off than we are...

I love nerdy jokes and comics like this, you'll appreciate it if you've ever taken an introductory computer science course. Luckily for us at Georgia Tech, we were ALL required to take introductory computer science courses either in Matlab, Java or Python (for all the non-engineering majors).

Image courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics, as shared on Facebook by my friend Alex Cooper.


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