Friday, June 11, 2010

Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Yesterday, someone from our study abroad group was really craving Taco Bell, so he looked it up on Google Maps and emailed the whole group about it. We met downstairs and took a bus to Harbor Front, then took the MRT train to Clarke Quay, then walked to the Funan DigitaLife Center.

According to this link on Google Maps, it was somewhere within the 6 story mall, but we couldn't find it on any of the floors or in the surrounding area. And every single person that we asked had absolutely no idea what we were talking about. We spent about 2 hours traveling to this shopping center and searching for the Taco Bell without any luck... epic fail.

We ended up eating at a small sushi place instead, that had pretty boring and basic traditional Japanese rolls only. I really miss Rusans, I can't wait to get back and go there one last time to celebrate my birthday AND graduation :)

So today, I did a little researching on Taco Bell and found this on

"Taco Bell in Singapore existed for a number of years, mostly as combination stores with KFC such as the one that operated at the Funan Digital Life Mall, but in 2008 they completely pulled out of Singapore."

Moral of the story: Google Maps is NOT always right! (At least its still better than Mapquest and Yahoo though.)


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