Sunday, June 13, 2010

The East Coast of Singapore

This weekend, NUS was doing maintenance work on our dorms so they shut off the power, water and internet all day on Saturday. So most of the people from my study abroad group went to the beach in Indonesia this weekend, on a ferry. A few of us stayed in town and spent all day yesterday on the East Coast of Singapore. Singapore is an island and Changi, the major airport (SIN) is located on the East Coast. Singapore also has a large harbor since it acts as one of the main trading ports between the East and the West.

There is a beach that runs all the way around the east coast with imported sand and really dirty water. I don't understand why the water is so dirty here, its just filled with a lot of trash and random floating debris. I think Singapore should invest in some kind of environmental cleanup operations, where they just install more trash cans along the beach or something. The fine for littering in Singapore is something ridiculous like $5000 but obviously its not that harshly enforced along the little east coast beach.

I can't believe we swam in this water. Actually I can, because it was so hot and humid outside. But random pieces of trash like cigarette cartons, food wrappers, bottles, etc kept running into me and it was disgusting.

Holly and I had fun on the beach :) we both got really burned though, because we were out there for a few hours and definitely did not reapply sunscreen.

And we built a sweet sand castle guy, recycling some of the leaves and trash that was in the water.

We rented bikes from a place in the park, it cost $6 for 2 hours with the bike. There was a bike path going along the coast for like 10km or something like that. We spent all 2 hours on the bikes and probably rode like 5 miles or so.

I got a sweet bike bell on mine :)

They have a dedicated bike path, we had to remember to bike on the left.. and the walking path is completely separate (on the right of this picture) so you don't get run over by bikes.

Of course we had to get a jump photo on the coastline. This is the 2nd photo of like 4 because the local guy who was taking the picture wasn't very experienced with capturing jump pictures.

We ate some more of the actual ice cream sandwiches... with a slice of sweet green and pink bread and a block of ice cream inbetween :)

Then we biked more down the coast and down a canal. And yes, the water was equally as dirty in the canal.

We also tried the famous East Coast chili crab at Jumbo! Well, I didn't really because I don't like spicy foods, but Holly and Chris did.

Okay, now my post is updated!


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