Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Made it to Singapore!

I made it to Singapore last night, and had quite the day exploring the city with a few local girls. We had an orientation session on campus this morning with some nice ladies from the Office of Student Affairs, then took a campus tour with some NUS students. The two girls from NUS actually then showed us where to eat near our dorms and where to go shopping downtown.

I'll update more tomorrow when things are a little less hectic... I accidentally blew out the fuse in my dorm room today and the adjacent room to mine (Holly's room) when I tried to plug in my power strip into a converter. That was an adventure, we had to go to the main dorm office and call maintenance, and they actually fixed it pretty quickly since all they probably had to do was reset the breaker box. So I bought another converter at the convenience mart right next to our dorm and now it works just fine :)


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