Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to a dorm room

We are all staying in the Prince George's Park residences here on campus, in single dorm rooms that have a single bed, desk, chair, nightstand, air conditioning (thank goodness!) and a full bathroom. Here is what my room looks like:

and I have a little bathroom. It has a folding door like an airplane bathroom and a shower that doesn't heat up. However, Holly has the adjoining room next door and her shower heats up just fine, so I guess I just have to go put in a maintenance request.

This is the view from my window... I live in room J on the 6th floor of the 6th building.

PGP (our dorms) have a nice little courtyard area, with a "canteen" dining hall area that is basically the Singapore equivalent of a mall food court. There is also a small supermarket convenience store down in the courtyard area towards the left in the picture below. Behind the courtyard area are a few concrete basketball courts and tennis courts, some people play pickup games out there but we don't own any sports equipment yet (and there is no place in the complex to rent rackets or balls). I think theres also a gym here somewhere but I haven't checked it out yet. The gym on campus is okay and located next to the pool of course, so I plan on just working out there.

This is the building opposite my window, all of the buildings in Prince George's Park (PGP) pretty much look like this on the outside. Notice how all the windows crank outwards, and they do not have any screen windows here. I had forgotten how asian people don't dry their clothes, instead they hang them outside to dry.


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