Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where to go for the PC??

Okay my PC recruiter, Kyle, gave me a call back on Friday. He told me that he has a couple options for nominations for me leaving within the timeframe that I said I'd like to leave (sept 2010 or later). He did find a English Teaching option for Asia but it leaves in mid-August so thats cutting it really close to graduation. However, there is a nominations freeze this week so he won't be able to nominate me until next week. No worries on that though, almost everything I've read about the PC says to just be patient.

Here are a few of the options that we discussed:

Option 1: Teaching English in the Pacific Islands, leaves in Oct 2010
Option 2: Teaching Math in Sub-Saharan Africa, leaves in Oct/Nov 2010
Option 3: Community Development in Eastern Europe, North Africa or the Middle East, leaves in Sept 2010

So I don't know what to do!! I would like to teach math but I am a little bit terrified of going to Africa.... I don't know if I could deal with living in a hut, in the middle of nowhere with no access to internet, but I guess that situation is not uncommon to the PC haha. The Pacific Islands would be cool but its super hot and humid there, and I don't know much about Eastern Europe but perhaps that would be cool as well. Actually any of these places would be cool to just go visit, but I have to consider what they would be like to live there for 2 years and integrate myself into the local community and culture.

Now I'm researching those different areas and trying to assess which one would be the best fit for me. Researching just consists of reading the PC Wiki and some peace corps journals and blogs online. Then I have to call Kyle back on Monday to let him know what I've picked. Yikes!

And my parents are really upset, they think that teaching english in a 3rd world country is waste of my time and talent. Ughh. So I think I'm just going to save myself the hassle and not discuss my options with them. I mean, I can already predict what my dad is going to say anyways -- no, no, no, and especially no to the Middle East...


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