Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello World

Hello world!

I decided to begin a blog to document my experiences as a Peace Corps applicant (and hopefully a future Peace Corps Volunteer!). I am currently a 4th year Industrial Engineering student at Georgia Tech, studying abroad in Bejing/Singapore over the summer and graduating in August 2010. I took the LSAT last June, and I hope to go to law school within the next 5 years.

I am super indecisive about what industry that I want to work in. I've worked at RuSans (a local sushi and seafood place in Midtown Atlanta), interned at GTRI in the Office of Policy Analysis and Research, sold Georgia Tech Football and Basketball Tickets as an inside sales consultant for Georgia Tech Athletics, and I currently work in the Design Intelligence lab (in the department of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech). I'm not exactly thrilled to be graduating and have to search for jobs in this economy, so I applied to the Peace Corps in December and hope to go serve as a Volunteer somewhere in Asia, and perhaps either teach English or math, or serve in the areas of youth development coordinator or community development.

I had my PC interview at the Atlanta Reigonal Office downtown, which went pretty well in my opinion. However, I did manage to go to the wrong Federal Center building, and they didn't tell me it was the wrong building until after I had already gone through their security checkpoint. I also managed to park in the hourly lot instead of the daily lot, so I ended up paying $13 to park for 2 hours. I had a great and thorough interview with Kyle Jessop, the recruiter assigned to my file. He told me that I had one of the strongest and most versatile applications that he had seen in 3 years. He had planned on nominating me for an English teaching assignment in Asia that was leaving in June, but I will still be studying abroad then so that wasn't an option. He also asked me if I would mind being "spotlighted" at Georgia Tech, whatever that means. I guess that would be cool. Lots of good PR for the GTAA and Alpha Phi. Kyle said he would call me about a nomination for an assignment as soon as I submitted some more paperwork, which is a good sign. I'm really excited about potentially becoming a PCV!

My parents hate the idea of me going into the Peace Corps though, and my dad just insisted on me searching for jobs on Monster. Has he ever tried to use any online job search sites? They are all so overwhelming and I still remain unconvinced that any companies actually check them. Last summer, I applied to 20+ internships online and only heard back from 3. I interviewed for 2, and recieved an offer for 1. Great statistics. Well, at least I'm still in school for this spring so I still have some time to get my future job and life figured out, right?


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