Saturday, February 9, 2013

On Deck at a Cal Berkeley Swim Meet and Meeting Missy Franklin!

Last weekend, my sister and I went up to Cal Berkeley's campus to watch the women's swim team take on UCLA. I've only been to Cal's campus a few times before, so it took us a while to find parking but once we did, it was like being back in college. I swam all 4 years during my time at Georgia Tech, and I'm proud to say that my little sister will be entering Cal next year as a freshman on the swim team there : ) I had forgotten how much I missed meet days, especially home meets. I loved cheering the Bears on from the stands right alongside the pool!

Diving in!
My sister  reppin' Cal with Sophia and Missy - their friends are going to UCLA next year. 
I was also super excited to get to see my old friend Katherine! She and I used to swim on Arizona Desert Fox (AFOX) together in Phoenix during middle school and high school. Its crazy to think that 10 years have already flown by and yet we're still hanging out at the pool. Katherine graduated from Cal last year, and she is now in graduate school.

My sister and I with Katherine!
 We also got to hang out with Missy Franklin! Missy is really sweet and incredibly down to earth for being an Olympic gold medalist. She is also entering Cal next year, where she and my sister will be teammates on the swim team. There were a lot of swimming fans who came to this meet just to see Missy and get her autograph. I am absolutely blown away by the caliber of the Cal girls, they have multiple Olympians on their team and hold a few national NCAA championship titles. They have a strong history of swimming fast and I know they'll continue that trend in the next few years!

Missy makes me feel really short haha. 
After the game, I went with my sister and Missy to grab lunch in downtown Berkeley. Cal Swimming had provided free basketball tickets to the recruits and their families, so we went to the Cal vs. Oregon basketball game. I love the atmosphere inside a basketball stadium, it was fun to watch the game although I didn't know the Cal cheers or fight song... It was a great game, it came down to the last second and Cal won by just a few points!

Sister selfie. 
A selfie with Missy!
I love how much yellow there is in the stadium, especially their student fan section!


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