Monday, October 22, 2012

A Night at the Moscow Water Circus!

One of the reasons that I love the city of Kharkiv is that there are so many random things to do. I went to the Water Circus show two weekends ago with Byron and Connie, the two Peace Corps Volunteers who live in the city. Byron was treating his Russian tutor and her family to the circus, and he had a few extra tickets so I got to go! I've ridden past the circus building on marshrutka buses, but never been inside. The circus is not quite what you'd imagine from an American point of view - its not inside a big red and white striped tent...

A professional photo of the Kharkiv circus building!
I can't say that I remember the last time that I went to the circus, my family was always more of a science-museum and zoo type. I remember going to a lot of those when I was little, but not circuses. Walking around inside the circus building with all the families and little kids was like being taken back to my childhood.
Vendors selling popcorn and snacks. 
They are also selling assorted light-up toys, masks, balloons and things like bouncy balls. 
So of course I bought some red clown noses for us!
Connie bought some cotton candy!
The water show is a special show that is in town from Moscow, they set up a temporary pool in the middle of the circus ring and performed acts such as synchronized swimming, dancing, acrobatics and animal acts. I think that the circus building hasn't been remodeled since it was built during Soviet times - all the old wooden seats reminded me of the hockey-style stadium seat at the old Yale University swimming pool.

The advertisement in Russian for the Moscow Circus (in water). 
Before the show, kids can pay 20grn to ride the flying cables up to the ceiling...  notice the old wooden stadium seats. 
The old Kiphuth pool at Yale University, also with old wooden stadium seats. 
Byron got us great seats - we were in row 5, in the front and directly across from the stage. We were actually so close that we were in the "splash zone" from the pool! Here are some of my photos from the show... I apologize for the mediocre quality of some of them, the smoke machine made it foggy and therefore some of the photos didn't turn out quite so well.
The opening of the show, featuring the different performers. 
Crazy acrobatics.
Juggling and riding unicycles. 
Bubbles! They did the classic - put a kid inside a giant bubble using a hula hoop.
Swinging acrobatics and an accompanying synchronized swimming show.
This guy swam around the little pool with a huge boa constrictor then performed some stunts with this alligator (or crocodile, I don't really know how to tell the difference). 
If you're interested in going to the Kharkiv circus, I'd recommend it! But only if you like circusy stuff likeme or have small children haha :D You can check out showtimes and more information on their website at


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