Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camp HEAL and Camp OHALOW!!

I just got back from 2 weeks in the Sums'ka Oblast, where I worked at Camp HEAL and Camp OHALOW - two camps sponsored by the HIV/AIDS working group in Peace Corps. Both camps were awesome and I had a ton of fun working with kids during lessons about HIV/AIDS, healthy lifestyles, project design/management and leadership skills. Camp HEAL was for children ages 16-22 and Camp OHALOW was for younger children, from ages 8-16.

Both camps were a huge success and I loved having the opportunity to work with the older kids and teach lessons all in English, which was very impressive. The younger children were very sweet and energetic and I got to practice my Russian language skills with them.  Here are some photo highlights from Camp HEAL! I don't have all the photos from OHALOW yet so I will post some of those up later this summer when I return from traveling.

The boys painted themselves up in their team colors for our field day.

The girls are ready for the water balloon fight!
Me with a few of the campers who were university students.
One of the girls focused on her tie-dye shirt.
Teaching everyone how to scrunch up their shirts in the spiral pattern for tie-dye.
Jonathan teaching about the biology behind HIV/AIDS.
Campers cross the river during a team building activity.
Campers presenting their own project ideas.
The "tram of love" song on the sports field.
Running the 3-legged race.
Playing bear/ninja/hunter on the field (like rock, paper, scissors but more intense).
Jumping into the pool.
All of the participants at Camp HEAL.
Performing a skit about HIV/AIDS.
One of the campers singing a traditional Ukrainian song at the Talent Show.

Some of the campers danced to Soldier Boy's "Crank That" at the Talent Show!
The Peace Corps Volunteers who worked as counselors and directors of Camp HEAL!
 Anyways, sorry for the post being mostly photos... being away at camp for 2 weeks has been really tiring and the photos are awesome. I will be at my town for a few days and then headed off to the Russian Language Refresher camp hosted by Peace Corps and then out of the country for some travelling with my old college roommate Annie :D I am not bringing my computer with me on my travels so the next post won't be until August, but I promise to have some great photos ready for then!


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