Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Press Release and my Winter Boot Crisis

I forwarded the press release from the Peace Corps San Francisco newsletter to the Georgia Tech sports information office, and they released a short article about it on the Sting News today!

And I'm having a winter boot crisis! My North Face Nuptse snow boots are apparently out of stock, so they canceled the order that I placed online and did not notify me... good thing I inquired about the order. The bad news is that now its too late to order another pair of boots online (like the Merrell Spire Peak waterproof boots I originally wanted).  Plus those Merrell boots are expensive!

So I called REI, Any Mountain, Sports Authority and the North Face outlet store downtown by Berkley and they don't have any winter boots in stock yet either... I guess I will be buying my winter boots in Ukraine! I really wanted to just bring some from home (so I'd be guaranteed of their quality in the the -30 degree winter, plus that way my mom could pay for them). But I've heard that they sell lots of boots there in Ukraine, and Sasha (my peer advisor) said that she bought a nice pair of fur-lined winter boots there for about $80 USD. I've heard mixed things about whether I should bring rain boots or not, so I think I will just pack my rain boots in my luggage - they will use the space that was previously allotted to my winter boots.


Anonymous said...

I got distracted by a grammatical error in the GT article :(

Jing said...

Yeah... that is unfortunately common for our Sports Info office, at least they spelled my name right!

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