Thursday, August 26, 2010

Staging.. its real and finally almost here!

I am actually going to Staging... and then flying to Ukraine from DC! I called the travel agency again this morning and actually got through in like a minute, which caught me off guard when the bright and chipper lady answered the phone. I was fully expecting an automated message and being put on hold.

Anyways, I asked the lady to try to book my flight through Atlanta and she couldn't do it. Apparently our flights are booked at reduced rates for government fares and all the fares for Delta flights through Atlanta were booked. I'm not that surprised, because both San Francisco and Atlanta are big airport hubs and I'm sure lots of government employees fly through there to get to DC.

So I'm flying from San Francisco to Chicago, then from Chicago to Washington National. I'm arriving at Staging a day early, at the Peace Corps' expense since I'm flying from the west coast. But thats okay because there are a lot of other people arriving early and maybe we'll get the chance to know each other a bit before the Staging conference-room sessions begin.

I'm sad that I couldn't get the connection through Atlanta to work, it would have been nice to see people one last last time before I leave for Ukraine.

One last thought - I'll be missing my 1st football season as a GT Alumni, and we're actually ranked in the preseason top 25 again this year. A friend of mine posted this article about hating on the top 25 on Facebook, and it cracked me up and reminded me that football season is right around the corner. Even though we lost Dwyer and a couple other big names to the NFL, hopefully we'll still do well. And maybe we will even finally win a bowl game, that would be super exciting! I can't wait to get back to Atlanta so I can join the Letterwinners Club at football games. I love meeting old student-athlete alumni :)


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