Friday, August 6, 2010


I just graduated with my B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech today! I had a really hectic day of traveling back to the United States from Beijing yesterday, but walking at graduation was really exciting and definitely worth it. Here I am with Buzz, our school mascot.

I picked up my Honors Program plaque today, and noticed a small error on it... can you find it? This happens only at Tech where... we can do all sorts of fun engineering and math but we are terrible at spelling.

I can't believe someone stole the T from the top of the Student Center... really?? Okay, okay actually I will admit that I'm just jealous that they beat me to it. Stealing a T was definitely on the list of things to do before graduation but I unfortunately never got around to doing it haha.

Oh and I still have a bunch of pictures that I need to post from China, so I'll finish up those blog posts this week. Its great being back where the country's firewall doesn't block blogger and Facebook :)


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