Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swimming in Singapore and the Flyer

I tried to go running here in Singapore at 7am on Monday and lasted about 10 minutes before I almost passed out from sweating in the humidity. Then I got lost and didn't know how to get back to my dorm so I got on a campus bus. But I apparently got on the wrong bus because it took another 30 minutes to loop around campus before I got back to my dorm, what an adventure.

Christine and I went and swam yesterday with the Swimfast Aquatic Club, they are tapering for Singapore Open next week so they only did 3800m. I almost died after about 1500 of that, especially since it was long course. Their pool is really hot because they don't have any aerators to cool them off (all the outdoor pools in az have these little sprinkler systems called aerators to spray cold water into the pool), it was probably like 85 in the water and 95 outside. The coach seemed pretty nice though, they're going to try to get Christine and I registered with their club and into the meet next weekend even though entries are closed. I am going to enter the 50 fly and 100 free, sprint club here I come!

After swim practice, we took a taxi straight to the Singapore Flyer, which is a 80-story high ferris wheel with air conditioned units. Each unit is like a little gerbil cage, enclosed in a cylinder shape and lit up with blinking rope lights. The ride moved deliberately slow and took about 30 minutes just to go all the way around once, so I'm glad it was air conditioned. We tried to take some pictures... but if you took them without the flash, you can't see the people and if you do use the flash, you can't see the background. So maybe I can play with them in photoshop later but for now here are the pictures.

This is at the bottom, when we first got into one of the car units. These units can hold up to 30 people, but that would probably be too crowded to get pictures.

Here is a view of the city, going up from the middle of the flyer. The cables and structure holding the cars together was pretty impressive.

The view from the top-well almost the top because you can see the car in front of us at the top. On the left is that cool casino in the sky on top of the 3 towers, the one that I went to on Sunday.

And then we took a picture of our group at the top... with and without the flash.


spinjudy said...

Jing! Looks like you are having a blast over there! Nice pictures from the motherland, too. :) Miss you here!

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