Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing up

I've been packing up my closet to move everything home to San Francisco. My closet is almost empty already and I've only packed my Russel duffel bag and my GT Athletics wardrober bag. My roommate Agatha is leaving today for her Europe trip, I'm jealous. Her parents came down from Chicago for her graduation and helped her pack up her room (and throw/donate a lot of stuff). We have 2 overflowing boxes of gently used clothes, shoes, toys etc that I plan on donating to the Atlanta Women's shelter. The amount of stuff that I have accumulated over 4 years is ridiculous, especially since I've moved apts every year/summer here.

I dropped off my boyfriend Chris at the airport yesterday. He's flying home for the week to spend some time with his family before classes start up again next week. I'm leaving for my road trip this Thursday, and Chris isn't coming back until Sunday :( So I won't get to see him again until August, when I come back to Atlanta for graduation.


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