Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Waiting

Apparently a Peace Corps Toolkit update online does not always mean that they've finished processing your paperwork... My Medical Clearance status was updated to "Hold" this morning. All nominees have a medical hold while they are under review. No further action is required, unless the Office of Medical Services contacts you to request additional information. So its just more waiting, but at least some news is better than no news? Peace Corps' official policy is that their Invitations have to be issued at least 6 weeks prior to departure, and that's coming up soon if my departure date is still September.

I'm leaving the country on Sunday night to fly to Singapore for the first part of my summer study abroad, and of course the Peace Corps would wait until I'm leaving to start reviewing my paperwork. I hope that they don't need anything else because its really hard for me to say if I can get paperwork filled out while I'm abroad.

I'm suspending my cell phone for 90 days while I'm out of the country this summer, if you need to get in touch with me then hit me up on skype or shoot me an email!


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