Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A PC Toolkit Status Update!

I woke up this morning and checked my phone (like I always do), and I received an email saying that my ToolKit has been updated! The Toolkit is the Peace Corps' website that allows current applicants to check their status... and my status is Nominee! It says I was Nominated on January 26, which was yesterday. I haven't heard back from Kyle yet, so he must have just updated the website and hopefully will call me today.

Now I just have to get through the medical qualification, legal qualification, and suitability screening. The medical evaluation alone includes a physical exam, dental exam, and eye exam. And if you wear glasses, you have to purchase 2 pairs to wear during your service. I technically wear contacts, but haven't put them in my eyes for over a year. I'm just lazy, I even have the daily ones so I don't have to clean the contacts haha. On average, it takes three to nine months for a nominee to receive an invitation to serve. Then my invitation will state my actual departure date, which may be anywhere from one to seven months in the future.

UPDATE: Kyle called me back today while I was in a senior design meeting (of course he calls when I can't answer the phone) and left a voicemail saying that he nominated me for the Pacific Islands program leaving in October 2010! I have to call him back tomorrow to discuss what comes next, I think its mostly a lot of forms to fill out to get medically cleared etc. And then the last step is getting an official Invitation to join the Peace Corps.... and deciding whether I actually want to do go into the PC (which mostly depends on if I get any job offers and if I can convince my parents that the PC is worth my time).


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